Episode Inserts/AUs

One/Two Shot

The Us in Trust by ColieMackenzie

A Million Pieces by Dmarx

The Anxiety of Atoms by Polly Lynn

I Had a Dream by Banterer

Proved Me Wrong by princessjoey630

Beats per Minute by kelmeister

Punch Drunk Love by teamWilson



Best start to relationship ever.


Steve Buscemi’s elementary school picture


Steve Buscemi’s elementary school picture




The amazing attraction of the sink.


Is it because it stays cold or something?


What are some really good M rated one shots?


Thought I would have done a general list like this but I’ve only got one for multichapters and sort of one for my faves. 

Gonna be a bit biased in this one and so to not over crowd this list, if an author has more than three awesome M one shots, I’m just gonna choose my three favourites of theirs. But feel free to go look on their profile for more if this is the case. 

Adrift, Suffusion, and Every Move You Make by ColieMacKenzie

If I Had StayedShow MeSupine by morgangirl11

tie me up, tie me down, just put your lips togethercontrol by airbefore

the mind ceases, In Surrenderamantes sunt amentes by seilleanmor

Not Suitable For Children by alwayswritewithcoffee

Sugar, we’re going down, Bachelorette Number 41319, and Keep Yourself Warm by shimmeryshine

The Return of Russian Beckett, more than you bargained for, i’ll allow it by Cora Clavia

kiss me, i’m bleeding, cheer you up and out of words by closingdoors

Ice Cubes by daphnebeauty

Addicted by jam821

bathed in the night, ease your worries, and no rules apply by bravevulnerability

Hot, Sweaty, Quick, Page 105, Ante Up by KroganVanguard

turn me on like city lights, Code of Silence, Number One by nikkifuego

Slippery When by Cartographical 

TintinnabulationStraight Shooter by Kato

Colors: Life Isn’t Always Black and White by Liv Wilder

I Hate You by Garrae

New Tastes, For the World to See, Heat Descended by RipperShipper

Adorable by ekc293

Birthday Present, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, In The Lion’s Den by madsthenerdygirl

Fixated by MegMoore

Manners, Quick and Dirty, Australian Kiss by NevynR

Simple Complication by BerkieLynn

The way you move, The tangle of your fingers and Like I can by kimmiesjoy

FantasyInsomnia, Prevail by Kate Christie

Bend It Like Beckett by lousiemcdoogle

The Still of the Silence by A Beauty to the Rhythm

Tethered, Drunken Confession, and Definition by NellietheMarvelous

Call Me Kitten and Walls by Midnight Caller

The Goddess, Taking Care of Kate, Miranda Rights by The Keddster

Warm Me Up and Under the Stars by Dmarx

World on Fire, Dance Like Waves by SparkleMouse

Gotta Have You by Sandiane Carter

You For Me, Count Me Out and Missing by PollyLynn

Smouldering Heat, Elevator, Black Cherry by KB-RC23

Captus est libidine by Foreignlander

Storm Stories and Checkett Flavored by 4evercaskett


Anonymous said: Can you do Harry and #1 please? Your art is so cute <3



I found this oddly comforting.


I found this oddly comforting.


my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3